Project Uday

Duration: May 2018 – ongoing
Location: Low income settlements in sectors 49, 73 and 76 of NOIDA.

Agragami works in partnership with eleven other NGOs to implement the HCL Foundation’s UDAY project which aims to improve the sanitation, environmental, health, education and livelihoods status of selected low income (mostly migrant) residents in project geographies. Agragami’s contribution to this program is in the area of family planning. There is a focus on demand generation-on creating awareness of the life-changing effects of planned families, on surfacing latent needs, and then on converting felt need into utilization of contraceptive products and services. Agragami does not offer family planning products or clinical services, but it does build strong linkages with providers so as to be able to refer those who need services.

Agragami’s concept of an effective family planning intervention is one which enables all young people, from the start of their reproductive lives, to think about and decide upon whether, when and how many children they wish to have, and gives them the information and skills needed to achieve these personal fertility goals. The family planning and adolescent reproductive health communication and referral to contraceptive services offered by Agragami is part of the complete package of health education on key maternal, child and adolescent health issues that are offered to the community by other Uday partners. The direct beneficiaries of Agragami’s work are 9600 women of all parities and adolescent boys and girls. The indirect beneficiaries are 28,000.