Members of the Society

Executive Committee Members

  • Dr Bimal Charles, President
    Physician and public health expert;
    General Secretary, Christian Medical Association India, Delhi
  • Ms Rekha Masilamani, Secretary
    Management professional and public health expert;
    Development consultant, Noida
  • Ms Pooja Pal, Treasurer
    Finance professional and banker; Associate Relationship Director, Australian and New Zealand Bank, Singapore

Other Members

  • Dr E.E. Daniel, Founder Member
    Physician, public health expert and epidemiologist;
    Independent consultant, Bangalore
  • Ms Sreevally Dharmavaram, Member
    Finance and Accounts professional, Ahmedabad
  • Dr. Nisha Gupta
    Physician, and public health expert with focus on maternal, child health and family planning
    Independent public health consultant and medical practitioner
  • Mr. Sunil Nanda
    Management professional, and expert in youth development and skilling and impact assessments
    Chairman and Managing Director, Inspire Youth Development Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ms Shubhangi Sawant, Member
    Travel and tourism professional;
    Managing Director, Magnum Destination Management, Delhi
  • Ms Sita Shankar, Founder Member
    Social work professional;
    Independent consultant in maternal and child health and family planning, Delhi
  • Dr Vijaya Srinivasan, Founder Member
    Physician, public health expert and epidemiologist;
    Director Research, Global Hospital, Chennai
  • Dr. K. Sudhakar
    Population geneticist and senior public health advisor
  • Ms Madhur Verma, Founder Member
    Social work professional;
    President, Subah-a society for empowerment of people, Faridabad