Agragami welcomes volunteers who wish to contribute their time and talent to our work. Volunteers can be of any age- all we are looking for is interest, expertise, and the willingness to regularly devote the time that is needed.

Here are a few activities that we know would make our educational program for children and youth more effective:

  • Art and craft workshops
  • Recitation and speech contests, debates and quizzes
  • Vocational talks
  • Coaching in sports and atheletics
  • Organizing troupes of boy scouts and girl guides and guiding the troupes
  • Drama and street theatre training and contests
  • Story reading and story-telling in English for young children

If you have other ideas, please do share them with us!

Write to us and let us know how you would like to help us in our work. We will get back to you. Please email your letter to headoffice@agragami.org.in

Our Recent Volunteers:


Graduates of the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland. Volunteered at The Bodhgaya Hotel School (TBHS), a youth skill development program of Agragami India. In their 6 months volunteering at TBHS, Chanelle and Mahe worked to firm up the curriculum and to introduce faculty to participatory, student centred teaching methods.


Pursuing a Masters degree in Socioeconomics at the University of Geneve, Switzerland. Volunteered in the Khushali Project at Madanpur Khader Delhi. During her 2 month volunteer period, Elena worked on developing a marketing plan for home linen and other products produced by the women of Madanpur Khader who have been trained in Agragami’s skill development for livelihoods program.

Mr Jean Rochat
Mr Jean Rochat volunteered at TBHS from August 2018 to February 2019. He reviewed and updated the standard operating procedures. TBHS staff will remember him for his consistent emphasis on responding immediately to the reviews written by guests on social media and online travel sites.